AWS Security Meetup — Melbourne -Jan,2018

Happy New Year everyone!

I decided to kick off my year’s technical meetup with AWS Security Meetup. There were two great talks lined up for the night. I have a short takeaway from the talks for people who were not able to attend. Open for

First talk: Let’s Lambda

The talk was presented by Aurėlien Requiem, Solution Architect in AWS.

Title Slide — Let’s Lambda

During the talk he went into the thought process behind the project and drawing inspiration from “Let’s Encrypt” for the title of the talk.

Aurėlien wrote a set of lambda functions that help him request and manage certificates issued by a service other than Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM). The external service in his case was “Let’s Encrypt”.

The architecture of the tool is shown below:

Let’s Lamda — How it works?

The workflow of the tool is shown below

Let’s Lamda — How it deploy?

All the talk resources and reference can be found in the QR codes below:

Let’s Lamda — Resources

Second talk : Amazon GuardDuty

The talk was presented by Phil Rodrigues, Principal Security Solution Architect, AWS.

Amazon GuardDuty

GuardDuty was announced last month at AWS re:invent. I covered that in my security updates from AWS re:invent 2017.

The talk described how customer can use the Guardduty to monitor for malicious or unauthorized behaviour in their AWS Accounts.

Unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery and I had to leave to attend to something so don’t have more screenshots of slide. We should be able to see the slides on the AWS Security Meetup page soon, i think.

In other news,

  1. DevSecOps Melbourne is having their next meetup on 24th Jan,2017. It is run by your truly. :) We have 40 people attending so far and it’s looking like a packed event. RSVP here to book yourself a seat too.
  2. Melbourne and Sydney are having a security debate event, or “hackers vs security engineers” as we are calling it. I will be representing security engineers along with some of the other security royalty on 6th Feb,2018 in Melbourne. The tickets are free and the limited. Tickets are selling out fast so don’t forget to RSVP. Link to RSVP to the event.

Security expert with a goal to make security an enabler instead of a blocker in the exciting world of cloud and machine learning.

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